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Direct sales on regular basis.
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We are here to make worldwide peat trading available for everyone

Currently, we are working on the platform for trading peat and peat substrates that will be available wordwide, provide a regular source of information on peat stock quantities and simplify the peat sale/acquisition process for small businesses, traders, substrate producers and peatland owners.

  • Track the needed quantities and get notified instantly
  • Get precisely what you are looking for with the granular filters
  • See the available stocks in single source at the palm of your hand
  • Make deals in several clicks
team standup


We began developing the Minimum Viable Product for this project - pretty much basic functionality to enable you to monitor and close deals on the platform. At this stage, your input is crucial to help us shape the future of PeatStock.


After the initial product development we plan to offer the early access to the true believers - please stay in touch to get latest updates on the beta program. We plan to launch the project after beta-testing done in several regions.

Community Development

For this marketplace to thrive we need you to thrive - we commit to continue working on the project with the user community, enabling users to achieve their marketplace-related goals in a quick and straightforward way.

PeatStock platform

Being peat traders ourselves, we need a place that provides us with current information on available peat market. Due to the lack of such solution, we are developing a platform that will provide all kinds of market players the tools to operate their peat trading. Information on available quantities, regular and recurring deals, advanced search, easy and trackable deal closing - all you need to find and secure your deal.

Currently in research and design, we are really open to community ideas, so please let us know if you are having any particular need within the platform, and let's see where the road leads us!


get the regular and direct supplies of peat and substrates.

Substrate producers

manage regular sales and find new partners and markets.


make the best-price deals and find additional supply for tenders.


find new channels and make profitable relationships.


A better way to trade peat

For each registered user we provide a simple, fast and intuitive way to handle the deal closing process.

Connect with partners worldwide

Find partners in any region.

No hidden fees

Single-tier paid subscription - no additional fees.

Instant response

Follow market changes in realtime.

Direct communication

Arrange everything in person.

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